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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Esmerelda - My Cat is Acting Funny.

Lately I have this strange feeling that my cat is more than just a cat. Is that weird? I sense from her an aura that is not unlike the feeling I felt when I was at church and the pastor performed and excorcism and I could actually feel an opression in the room for a few minutes afterward.

My cat is black with unnaturally blue eyes. I got her from an old lady in my apartment complex that died one year. The cat just showed up on my door while her son was packing out all of her things. At the time I felt sad for it and I fed it some milk and now I have had her for about 6 years.

Esmerelda is my cats name. She likes to drink milk, hot milk or cold milk, it matters not to her. Lately she has taken to meowing in the wee hours of the night and I feel that her mewls are something more than the normal cries of a cat, they are something darker, something more sinister. I actually feel that she may be channeling some sort of supernatural demon or an alien from another planet. I know it sounds crazy, but you haven't seen Esmerelda in action. She stares out the window and the sounds she makes are so consistent, the pattern is so much like the patterns of human speech that I am drawn to the conclusion that she is indeed talking to something otherworldly.

The other day I walked in on her during one of these chat sessions and I could swear that she gave me a "Go to hell" look that made my blood run cold.

I used to be a psychologist until I got married and now recently I have been seeing a therapist for a basket load of my own problems. I have been on both sides of the couch and through some serious self-diagnosis I have determined that perhaps I am imagining that the cat is communicating to things spiritual or alien.

This morning I awoke to find Esmerelda missing. There was spilled milk on the floor and believe it or not the shape that the spilt milk took looked as if it spelled something in another language but I couldn't make out the words. As I looked closer it appeared to read, "Don't Cry".

I caught myself trying to stifle a chuckle. Was this some sort of sick joke? "Don't Cry" Don't cry over spilt milk? Was my cat playing mind games with me?

When my husband got home I told him about the milk, about the cat and the chat sessions and he looked at me puzzled as if Esmerelda herself had gotten his tongue. In a strange voice he said, "Honey, we don't have a cat."

His words were like smelling salts and suddenly I felt alive and awake - like someone who had just snapped out of a hypnotic slumber. I looked around and suddenly I felt so old. I ran to the bathroom and I felt as thought I had aged 5 years. I asked my husband the date and the time and he said, "It's 6:30 on a Monday night, it's the year 2005."

My heart stopped. I ran to the mirror and looked at my face, 5 years had aged it tremendously, I felt like part of my life had been stolen. With a sudden clarity I knew that Esmerelda had somehow stolen my life from me. How could it have been possible? And what am I supposed to do now?


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